Rhino butt

Picture is entirely relevant.

Harglenong is the native language of the Hurgle peoples, who do not exist. It is an extremely advanced language that has developed over centuries around the strong central concept of Hoblibism, which can be summarized as "lol idgaf lets just say random shit" with a stark dash of "i eat Chicken Nuggers breakfurst lunch n dinnuh brah."

Having undergone development for over nine thousand years, Harglenong sports highly refined grammar and a whopping twenty-seven words. That's more words than even a ladybug can learn! The words are as follows.

  • wop: Excitement, excited
  • bellyho: old girl
  • hoytie-toytie: disappointment, disgrace
  • Noink: Bonking/boinging
  • Farglee: anger
  • Belly: old
  • Bellyfel: Old feller
  • Bonzai Kougar: anal raider
  • Snoopa: down
  • Snoopu: Up
  • Gred: yes
  • Bonzai: ass, booty, butt, anal
  • Bonzai Yaksard: ass clown
  • Yaksard: clown
  • Schrip schrop: Bullshit
  • Schoodel: please
  • Toytie-Hoytie: good job, applause, yey
  • Fousta: Dick, penis
  • Whuddi: Vagina
  • bhuzz: boobs
  • pomperwomper: dildo
  • p-pomperwomper: vibrator
  • Grud: no
  • Glai: maybe
  • Feen: good
  • oolie: hello
  • eiloo: goodbye

The language's guttural and sexual-centric nature is owed in part to the fact that the Hurgle are a very refined people who are obviously superior than any extant clan or race in every way.